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MoonMail is the ideal Sendy alternative for your email marketing strategy as it’s a cloud based solution you can immediately use after registration. Don’t waste your time installing applications into a self hosted server. Forget about servers maintenance. Avoid deliverability risks and take full control over performance and security. Send your emails 10x faster and enjoy crystal clear transparent costs.

So why use MoonMail as a Sendy alternative?

Pricing Comparison per One Month
MoonMail vs SendySendy alternative
Free Plan
License Fee$0.00$59
Setup Fee$0.00$299 *
Monthly fee$19.99From $33 /month - Hosting fee **
Free updates
Your time$0.00$2,000 ***
Peace of mind$0.00$10,000 ****

* 3 hours worth php developer at 100 usd/hour.

** t2.medium AWS ec2 instance monthly charge (minimum computational performance for sending 50.000 emails in less than 4 hours).

*** Getting Sendy up and running is going to be minimum one week, really, believe us. We value your time more than anyone.

**** What if a hacker gets into your Sendy deployment? No more words.

The license for Sendy is required in order to be run on your hosting. Sendy is really hard to install and configure, let alone the server configuration and PHP environment itself. With MoonMail you don’t need any technical knowledge or developer support: No installations, no configurations, no updates, no patch releases!

Feature Summary
MoonMail vs SendySendy alternative
Fast Setup
Install software on server
Real time platform updates
Need to install patches
SES connection
Pay for the server
Fast email delivery
Drag and drop email editor
List Segmentation
A/B Testing
Pre made templates
Reports and Analytics
Multiple users
Multilingual Interface
Mulitilingual Live Chat Support
Make money with the platform
For the techy ones...
Choose double opt in or not in your web forms
Attach files*
RSS to email*
Free markup assessment
Fully Open Source Project
Deploy the whole software into your own Amazon
Web Services Account
Use your own dedicated IP
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  • The best Sendy alternative has unlimited subscribers
    Free and fast setup

    Installation of Sendy on server and integration with Amazon SES takes a lot of technical skills and you will need to hire someone for sure. MoonMail is a great alternative as you can set it up literally in 5 minutes with no servers or additional costs.

  • The best Sendy alternative has simple pricing
    Simple and flexible pricing: Pay for what you send

    Compared to Sendy, MoonMail doesn’t tie you to strict limitations on how many subscribers you can have. Simply put, with MoonMail you can have as many subscribers as you want and your subscription will be the same.

  • The best Sendy alternative is fast
    Cloud Solutions vs Self Hosted Servers

    In order to setup software in a server you need to have one and if you don’t, you’ll need to pay from $33 up to $1,000 depending on the size and usage of your database. This implies that if there’s an update, you’ll need to patch the code in your servers. With cloud solutions every change is updated in real time with no patches needed.

  • The best  alternative uses liquid syntax
    Powerful Drag and Drop editor

    Unlike Sendy, MoonMail has a pre built drag and drop editor that helps you creating perfectly responsive emails that look like they were designed by professional designers.

  • The best  alternative has a built in email list cleaning service
    Send billions of emails faster than ever

    Sendy performance is totally bound to the power of your server. Need more speed? Pay much more. The biggest magic of MoonMail is that it has the maximum performance allocated to your account. Always.

  • The best  alternative has Multilingual Live Chat Support
    Multilingual Live Chat Support

    Meet our team and get in touch with them whenever you need help. Careful, we sometimes do support from the gym! Skip all contact forms and drop us a line directly on the live chat and we will reply rapidly. Our team is multilingual, and you can request support in any of the 10 languages we speak: English, Español, Serbian, Russian, Catalan, Filipino, German, French, Lithuanian, Polish.

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