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Email marketing is still one of the most-used strategies in digital marketing. With so many tools out there, it’s hard to determine which one fits your needs. At first,Mailchimp made email marketing available for people without technical skills. However, as it grew larger, its prices rose. This made the service less accessible, unless you could afford to pay more.

So why use MoonMail as a alternative?

Pricing Comparison per One Month
MoonMail vs MailchimpMailchimp alternative
Send 1 campaign to 10,000 subscribers$14.99$75
Send 1 campaign to 100,000 subscribers$59.99$475
Send 1 campaign to 1,000,000 subscribers$509.99$4,200

Mailchimp has subscribers limitations and email limitations in the higher plans. If you exceed their sending quota, you could be charged a fee that equals nearly one entire month extra.

MoonMail’s monthly subscription is fixed at $19.99 + starting at $0.05 for every 1,000 emails sent. With unlimited subscribers and unlimited emails. You pay for what you use. As simple as that.

Feature Summary
MoonMail vs MailchimpMailchimp alternative
Unlimited Subscribers
Unlimited emails/month
Drag and drop editor
List Segmentation
Unlimited Custom Personalization tags
Liquid markup syntax
Responsive emails
Click map
Real-time statistics
Double opt-in
Steps to sign up25
Multilingual Interface
Mulitilingual Live Chat Support
Free Support to all Users
Fully GDPR compliant
Make money with the platform
For the techy ones...
Choose double opt in or not in your web forms
Attach files*
RSS to email*
Free markup assessment
Fully Open Source Project
Deploy the whole software into your own Amazon
Web Services Account
Use your own dedicated IP
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  • The best Mailchimp Alternative has Unlimited Subscribers
    Unlimited Subscribers

    You can store as many subscribers’ emails as you want. While Mailchimpautomatically upgrades you to a higher billing plan if you exceed your free subscriber limits, we will never automatically upgrade your billing plan.

  • The best Mailchimp Alternative has simple pricing
    Simple and flexible pricing: Pay for what you send

    Compared to Mailchimp, MoonMail doesn’t tie you to strict limitations on how many subscribers you can have. Simply put, with MoonMail you can have up to 1 Milion subscribers as you want and your subscription will be the same.

  • The best  Alternative is fast
    Sending email faster than ever

    For signup, you need to register with a Google account. With one click, you verify your phone and fill your company information, and that’s it. After sign-up with MoonMail, just import your list of subscribers, create a campaign, and send it. Skip all the unnecessary questions and start sending emails without verifying your sender email address.

  • The best  Alternative uses liquid syntax
    Custom Fields and Liquid Syntax

    Both MoonMail and Mailchimp have have Custom Fields or Personalization Tags. However, with MoonMail you can both existing Custom Fields and create you own Custom Fields, without limitation, to match your needs.

    We use Liquid syntax that helps you to create complex interactions, such as dynamic content, by adding simple rules.

  • The best Mailchimp Alternative has Multilingual Live Chat Support
    Multilingual Live Chat Support

    At MoonMail, we have a multilingual team available to support you if you need help or just want to say hi. Mailchimp, in comparison, sends you through forums, forms, and many questions before ever having a personal conversation. You don’t need to have an emergency to contact the MoonMail team, which supports (today) 10 languages.

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