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send up to 7,500 emails/month for free

  • 1 campaign per Day
  • 250 recipients per Campaign
  • Store Unlimited Recipients
  • Use Our Domain as the Send Address
  • Basic Recipients Custom Fields
  • Powerful Drag’n Drop Editor
  • Advanced Signup Forms
  • Automations
  • Premium Support
  • DKIM & SPF Configuration
Open Source Email marketing software
$ 19.99 /mo


usage fee starts at $0.2 for every 1,000 emails

  • Unlimited Campaigns per Month
  • Unlimited Recipients per Campaign
  • Store Unlimited Recipients
  • Use Any Email as the Send Address
  • Unlimited Recipients Custom Fields
  • Premium Support
  • Powerful Drag’n Drop Editor
  • Advanced Signup Forms
  • DKIM & SPF Configuration
  • Automations
  • Free MailChimp Migration

* Amount of emails is rounded up to the nearest 1,000, starting from $2.99. Subsequent pricing is dynamically calculated based on your Account's Reputation.

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